Beata Science Art

My most recent artistic adventures:
  1. Basic research gives rise to many 'applications'.
    03 Oct, 2016
    Basic Research 'apps'
    Basic research gives rise to many 'applications' As part of the organizing committee, I had the wonderful opportunity to design an illustration for the upcoming VBC PhD symposium in Vienna titled 'Mind the App'. I started by making a hand-drawn black and white sketch using pencils, and overlaid the colors digitally afterwards. I then added the apps on the phone to highlight the diverse applications of basic research that will be covered at the conference.
  2. The Five-Second Rule
    24 Sep, 2016
    The Five-Second Rule
    What happens when you drop food on the floor? According to the myth of the "five-second rule", bacteria will wait patiently so you have time to pick it up. This is an illustration for the German version of Scientific American 'Spektrum der Wissenschaft'.