A little bit about us

My name is Beata, I am a molecular biologist working on cell division of animal cells. I combine my two passions – science and art – to create unique and unconventional illustrations.

During my research, I realized that these two have a great deal in common and that combining these passions creates a unique way to communicate science. I want to add some creativity to the conventional forms of scientific communication, with the aim to spark interest inside and outside the scientific community.

My drawings are designed to illustrate scientific themes with an artistic twist, and I aim to highlight fundamental scientific aspects in an unconventional way. I create my drawings for everyone to enjoy – for scientists to appreciate biological findings in a refreshing way, and for non-scientists to discover the beauty in fundamental biological principles.

Every drawing is an experiment!

To create each scientific illustration, I collaborate with my partner, Matthew Cooney, who specializes in conservation and science communication. We begin by considering a scientific concept or recent discovery, discussing how to communicate it both inside and outside the scientific community. I then make a detailed pencil drawing – sketching by hand allows me the greatest level of detail. For me, nothing can replicate the texture and feel of a real pencil on paper. After taking a high-resolution scan, Matthew digitally outlines the drawing for post-processing, and finally, I add the colors and scientific data to create the finished piece. For my microscopy fashion, I spend many hours in a dark microscope room and capture the most beautiful images I can find, and compile them into aesthetic patterns.


Vienna Science Ball 2018
Dr. Beata Mierzwa is a molecular biologist and science artist. Here she is presenting her Microscopy Dress at the Vienna Science Ball 2018.
Matthew Cooney
Matthew Cooney, MSc, is a science communicator studying biology with a focus on conservation. He has a passion for all living things, and loves to help communicate the fascinating beauty of the natural world.