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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nature Methods Cover - An Arrow Poison for CRISPR

Beata Edyta Mierzwa

  1. Nature Methods Cover - An Arrow Poison for CRISPR
    24 Aug, 2017
    A Knitted Network of DNA
    During division, cells disassemble their nucleus and release many independent chromosomes - but how are all those chromosomes enclosed in a single nucleus after mitosis? The protein BAF cross-bridges DNA strands, allowing the cell to 'knit' a network of DNA around the chromosome ensemble and guide the nuclear membrane along the surface. This drawing illustrates BAF as beads that link the DNA strands into a network. Congratulations to the Gerlich lab on this fantastic Cell paper!
  2. Nature Methods Cover - An Arrow Poison for CRISPR
    06 Aug, 2017
    A Dynamic ESCRT for Splitting Membranes
    I'm so excited to share a drawing I made for my own paper recently published in Nature Cell Biology!  This artwork illustrates the dynamics of a protein machinery for splitting membranes. This machinery, called ESCRT-III, forms spirals that constantly exchange their building blocks with the help of a protein called VPS4. This remodeling allows the spirals to change their shape and constrict membranes until they split, for example in the final step of cell division that separates the emerging
  3. EMBO Journal Cover - Self Organization in Cerebral Organoi
    15 May, 2017
    EMBO Journal Cover - Self Organization in Cerebral Organoids
    So excited have my drawing on the current issue of EMBO Journal! This artwork illustrates how 'minibrains' self-organize their cells into distinct zones - like a yin-yang symbolizing the balance between distinct but complementary entities.
  4. CSHL Symposium on Chromosome Segregation & Structure
    01 Mar, 2017
    An Eye-catcher for the CSHL Symposium
    I had the huge honor to illustrate the poster for the 82nd Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Symposium on Chromosome Segregation and Structure.