I made this drawing to illustrate Sriram Sundaramoorthy’s research, who presented the illustration at the ASCB Meeting 2016 in San Francisco.

Sriram explains the story behind the drawing:

“My research involves studying cell division in the early embryos of the worm C. elegans. In order to study the process, we turn on and off proteins that we think are involved in the process and study the outcome on cell division. To do that, I am using an infrared laser to heat up specific bits of the worm’s embryo.

While doing the experiments, I was reminded of the scene from Goldfinger where James Bond is tied to a block of gold and Goldfinger aims a laser at his body. 007’s classic quip ‘Do you expect me to talk?’ has stayed in my mind since the first time I watched the movie. So I explained my idea to Beata and oh boy did she do an amazing job putting that thought into a cartoon!”

Worm Secrets
Making C. elegans reveal its secrets using a laser to manipulate protein function – an homage to James Bond’s Goldfinger.