Presenting my new EMBO Reports cover – stabilizing mRNA strands for memory formation!

Learning and forming memories are fundamental processes essential for survival, requiring precise regulation of memory-related genes. This drawing portrays an exciting new role for the RNA-binding protein Gadd45α in regulating the stability of long mRNAs – illustrated by the hairspray stabilizing the longest hair strands. Ensuring correct protein levels of important regulators within the brain is essential for memory consolidation, which transforms recent experiences into long-term memories. This is alluded to by the woman in the picture remembering her younger self while looking in the mirror.

Thank you so much Uta Mackensen and authors Beat Lutz & Alex Rey at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz!

Stabilizing mRNA Strands for Memory Formation
This drawing illustrates how RNA-binding protein Gadd45α stabilizes long mRNAs for memory formation. EMBO Reports cover, June 2019.